What Your Summer Shoe Says About You

Summer is here in all her steamy glory. This year I found myself unprepared to face the blinding heat, owing to how I railed against buying new clothes for the season, certain that my rotation of t-shirts and denim shorts would see me through until fall…

Source Lookbook

To call this a lookbook is a slight exaggeration since there’s only one look in this book. Still, I was fortunate to commandeer use of longtime friend Hallie Cox’s modeling …

Fashion Resale and Sustainability

According to a 2019 Resale Report done by GlobalData for Thredup, the resale market has grown 21 times faster than the new apparel market during the last three years, and …

RVA Thrift Haul!

Hey guys! Wanted to make a little video to show off my thrift haul. This is just for fun so nobody is allowed to judge me thanks 🙂  

My Favorite Sketchbook Pages

I love my sketchbook. It’s basically my journal where I can explore my thoughts and feelings with my own form of hieroglyphics […]

Spotlight on Offensive with Caleb Reyes

Caleb Reyes, known on Spotify as Splxntercell and to myself as Cubby, moved to Lynchburg last year and quickly became an integral part of the Lynchburg community.

Fashion Girl Halloween

It goes without saying that Halloween will be different this year. Will parents let their kids trick or treat? Will everyone be wearing a mask under their mask? Will we …

Let Us Eat Cake

Upon learning that the peasants of France had no bread to eat, queen Marie Antoinette is famously quoted as replying flippantly, “Then let them eat cake.” That story is as true as the one about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree, but there’s something about this historical misquote that’s been resonating with me. […]